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New Research Institute Director Envisions New Research Frontier

November 4, 2005 - A world-recognized molecular biologist known for research breakthroughs in understanding the molecular mechanisms contributing to breast and colon cancers has been named the new Director of the Samuel Lunenfeld Research Institute.

Jim Woodgett
Dr. Jim Woodgett

Dr. Jim Woodgett, who has spent many years with the Ontario Cancer Institute at neighboring Princess Margaret Hospital, was officially appointed as the Samuel Lunenfeld Research Institute director at Thursday's board meeting.

"The Samuel Lunenfeld Research Institute is home to many of Canada's highest impact medical researchers," said Jim. "Its past achievements are globally recognized and I look forward to building on its talent and reputation for scientific excellence."

Jim says there has never been a more exciting time in discovery and the bench to bedside translation of medical research into treatments in cures. He describes the scientists at the Lunenfeld as "pioneers" in cell signaling, stem cell research, systems biology, molecular genetics, and genomic medicine.

"My job is simply to best enable these exceptional researchers to realize their ideas and to help promote a culture of research-based medicine both within the Institute and Mount Sinai Hospital."

Jim is taking over from Dr. Tony Pawson, who is stepping down after a five-year term in order to concentrate on his research interests, which focuses on how cells communicate with each other.

"I am honoured to step into Tony's shoes," Jim said. "I hope to live up to his standards and to inspire all of the Institute's scientists - and to be inspired by them. Indeed, I see all sorts of possibilities for new research activities that will maintain the Lunenfeld at the leading edge of medical research."