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Renew Sinai gets inspiring kick off

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September 6, 2007 -- For Jen Crespi, new space and services in Women’s and Infants’ Health are much deserved by the care providers who have helped her through the good times and bad.

Jen’s first child born at Mount Sinai, Nathaniel, was stillborn. Then she had a miscarriage.

But despite these losses, she recalls the care and compassion of the doctors, nurses, social workers and chaplain who held her hand through those hard times – and treated her and her husband with “compassion, sensitivity and respect.”

Renew Sinai 1

Ontario Health and Long-Term Care Minister George Smitherman greets Jen Crespi and her 6-month-old daughter Daniela

“We were given strength to hope, and the strength to persevere, and with superb care of the Mount Sinai team, I was able to give birth to two healthy babies,” said an emotional Jen at the official kick-off event on Thursday September 6 that marked the beginning of Renew Sinai construction.

Renew Sinai will create, expand and modernize Sinai facilities, starting with the redevelopment of the Women’s and Infants’ Health Centre of Excellence.

Jen has been giving back to those who helped her by being a member of the Women’s and Infants’ Patient and Family Advisory Group, helping to lay the best plans for Renew Sinai with the patient’s perspective in mind – not to mention being an inspiring patient voice at the ceremony.

“My little family is now complete, so I don’t expect to benefit personally from the changes that are now being made to the Women’s and Infants Program, but I have every hope that my grandchildren will be born in this hospital one day — and that the work we have done, with this expansion, will benefit generations yet to come.”

Jen was joined by the Honourable George Smitherman, Ontario’s Deputy Premier Minister of Health and Long-Term Care, who was on hand to help kick off construction.

“The Government of Ontario is very proud to have such a powerful partner as Mount Sinai,” said Mr. Smitherman. “We could not provide the kind of women’s and infants’ care in Ontario without the capacity of Mount Sinai.”

  Renew Sinai 2
  Dr. Alan Bocking, Chief of Obstetrics and Gynaecology at Mount Sinai

“Labour and delivery is a very stressful time for both mother and infant,” he added. “New neonatal and obstetrical care units will help provide more families with better access to these necessary services, closer to home.”

Last year, Mount Sinai’s Women’s and Infants’ Health program delivered about 6,500 babies, served 143,000 gynaecological and obstetrical outpatient visits and performed some 5,000 surgical procedures, making it the biggest women’s, maternal and newborn academic program in Canada.

“This is great news for the community,” said Lawrence Bloomberg, Mount Sinai Hospital Board Chair. “The renewed Women’s and Infants’ Health program will help our health-care professionals with an enhanced patient and family-centred care environment that is safer for patients, provides more privacy and greater access to services.”

The expansion will see a new wing of six floors added to the west tower of Mount Sinai on Murray Street and will include:

  • the addition of 160,000 square feet;
  • increase our space for women’s and infants’ care by 40 per cent, provide state-of-the-art facilities that encompass new standards in design, efficiency and infection control;
  • creating private spaces for infants and their families and provide an environment for our patients that is more conducive to healing and wellness.

“Renew Sinai is about improving access to care and improving quality of life,” said Dr. Alan Bocking, Chief of Obstetrics and Gynaecology at Mount Sinai. “Renew Sinai is an opportunity to ensure for our patients an environment that is conducive to healing and for our staff the kind of environment conducive to providing the best care.”

Some of the most leading-edge science and research in women’s and infants’ health is taking place at Mount Sinai, such as the work of Dr. John Kingdom in our Placental Clinic, Dr. Stephen Lye in our Pre-Term Birth Clinic and Dr. Greg Ryan in our Fetal Therapy Clinic.

“We welcome the government’s commitment and support to the health of mothers and newborns through this exciting project,” said Joseph Mapa, President and CEO of Mount Sinai Hospital. “This is a renaissance for Mount Sinai. This expansion will help provide better neonatal and labour delivery services for mothers-to-be and it will also provide the bright minds and big hearts at our hospital with the best environment possible within which to work, learn and offer outstanding care.”

Renew Sinai 3
Renew Sinai 4
Ontario Health and Long-Term Care Minister George Smitherman and Lawrence Bloomberg, Mount Sinai Hospital Board Chair Chaplain Betty Lynch-Powers (left) with Jen Crespi, Jen's daughter Daniela, and Tracy Kitch, Senior Director, Centre for Women's & Infants' Health


Renew Sinai 5
(from left) Susan Horvath, President, MSH Foundation, Joseph Mapa, Mount Sinai Presdent and CEO, Hospital Board Director Stephen Pustil, Ontario Health and Long-Term Care Minister George Smitherman, Lawrence Bloomberg, Mount Sinai Hospital Board Chair, Joseph Lebovic, Dr. Alan Bocking, and Hospital Board Director Robert Rubinoff

Renew Sinai 6
In front, Jen Crespi with husband Claudio, son Matthew and daughter Daniela, with President and CEO Joseph Mapa (centre) and Director Stephen Pustil