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Mount Sinai Hospital pays tribute to Peter A. Silverman

May 17, 2007 -- The Mount Sinai Hospital community attended the celebration of the Peter A. Silverman Centre for International Health on Wednesday to celebrate and honour Peter A. Silverman’s ongoing commitment and leadership.


(From left) Dr. Arnold Noyek, Director of the Peter A Silverman Centre for International Health; Peter A. Silverman; Joseph Mapa, President and CEO, Mount Sinai Hospital; Susan Horvath, President, Mount Sinai Hospital Foundation.

“The challenge for all of us here today is to make the connection between Mount Sinai Hospital and the wider world and its many global health challenges,” said Peter Silverman, lead supporter of the Centre. “This Centre will make that connection.”

For decades, the Centre has facilitated international health-care initiatives at Mount Sinai Hospital, honouring the Hospital’s commitment to health community collaboration and increased academic awareness.

“At Mount Sinai Hospital, we are committed to broadening our health community,” said Joseph Mapa, President and CEO of Mount Sinai Hospital. “By uniting health care leaders, we encourage integration, knowledge sharing and collaboration.”

The Centre supports Mount Sinai Hospital’s goals as an academic health centre by supporting continuing education, professional development and the exchange of knowledge in a global community.

“Reaching out always comes back home, that’s the idea here at Mount Sinai Hospital,” said Dr. Arnold Noyek, Director of the Peter A Silverman Centre for International Health and Founder of the Canada International Scientific Exchange Program. For our patients, this means advancing the knowledge of our health-care providers so they can provide the best care, he said.

The Centre serves as a marvelous example of philanthropy that truly makes a difference, as noted by Susan Horvath, President of the Mount Sinai Hospital Foundation.

The event showcased the work of the Centre through presentations, informational displays and representatives to discuss the various initiatives taken on by the Centre.

Peter said his greatest wish for the Centre is that it be known as a fountain of new ideas, pushing away the barriers to the essential breakthroughs in medical research, medical practice and continuing medical education. “I am honoured that this Centre bears my name,” said Peter.