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Mount Sinai Hospital Partners with the Global Community

As part of our commitment to taking a leading international role in health care, Mount Sinai’s Peter A. Silverman Centre for International Health and the Hospital's physicians, nurses and allied health staff have been widening the Hospital’s circle of care over the past decade.

          Dr. Samir Sinha (third from right) at Peking Union Medical College Hospital in Bejing
Dr. Samir Sinha (third from right) at Peking Union Medical College Hospital in Bejing. Dr. Sinha is one of many participants in Mount Sinai's international health-care partnerships. 

Through innovative partnerships with more than 50 international health-care and education institutions, we have been working to address health-care needs in more than 25 countries around the world.

Mount Sinai’s global presence in both its humanitarian work and its innovative business partnerships has helped solidify an international reputation for excellence. Mount Sinai’s medical community is there to mentor, educate and collaborate with health-care professionals and hospitals, steadily strengthening global health-care systems through professional cooperation.

A few highlights of our international presence include:

The Silverman Centre aims to address pressing local, national and international health issues through partnered research, training and educational initiatives, and has emerged a leader in providing education in areas as wide-ranging as women's and infant's health, special needs and disabilities, geriatrics, diabetes, HIV/AIDS, pathology, oncology, internal medicine, diabetes, and chronic and infections diseases.

The result, in the words of Abi Sriharan, Deputy Director of the Silverman Centre, is that health-care professionals around the world are building enduring relationships, and becoming empowered to make better decisions around the care and treatment of their patients. “Silverman scholars are helping drive improved health outcomes locally, and promoting international development under a Canadian umbrella."

See more on the Silverman Centre, or contact Abi Sriharan,, 416-586-5964.