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Staying Healthy with Diabetes

Staying healthy with diabetes may seem like a tall order, but following a few simple steps can go a long way in helping prevent complications and keeping your health on track.

Dr. David Tannenbaum, Family Physician-in-Chief

“One of the best ways to manage diabetes is through an active lifestyle. Paying attention to your body and adopting healthy options that work for you will help a lot; even small changes can have a significant impact.”
Dr. David Tannenbaum, Family Physician-in-Chief at Mount Sinai Hospital




Adopt a healthy diet:
Choosing foods that work for you is important to maintaining a long-lasting healthy lifestyle. Try to focus on:
-    Healthy carbohydrates such as fruits, vegetables and whole grains
-    Fibre-rich foods such as beans, unprocessed grains and nuts
-    Good fats such as avocados, olive oil, walnuts and pecans.

Pay attention to your feet:
Foot care is very important with diabetes, as reduced blood flow to your feet can leave you vulnerable to infection.
-    Wash and dry your feet carefully every day
-    Examine your feet daily for changes or recurring sores
-    Always wear proper footwear and socks to avoid blisters or other damage to your feet.

Maintain proper dental care:
Diabetes may leave you susceptible to tooth and gum decay. Schedule yearly dental appointments and consult your dentist if you notice any gum bleeding or swelling, as these may be early warning signs that extra care is needed.