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Image Dr. Siminovitch
Dr. Siminovitch
Image Dr. Walfish Head Shot
Image Mom and Baby in NICU
NICU, mother, baby
Image Dr. Drucker
Image Dr. Drucker Head Shot
Image Milk Bank
Dr. Sharon Unger and Dr. Deborah O’Connor
Image Dr. Sharon Unger
Dr. Sharon Unger, Head Shot
Image CIHR announcement, Eve Adams
Eve Adams, the Parliamentary Secretary to the Honourable Rona Ambrose, Minister of Health, visited Mount Sinai to $2 million in funding for nutritional research that will benefit extremely vulnerable babies and their families.
Image milkbank-1st-anniversary-400x217
Image milkbank-1st-anniversary-100x84
Image Pregnancy
Pregnant, Woman, Belly, Perinatal
Image Dr. Feig with Patient
CGM, Pre-Pregnancy, Diabetes, Dr. Denice Feig, Patient
Image Dr. Feig with Patient Thumb
Dr. Feig with patient, CGM
Image Dr. Ken Croitoru
Dr. Ken Croitoru, microscope, research, GEM
Image Dr. Ken Croitoru thumb
Dr. Ken Croitoru
Image Dr. Backstein
Orthopedics, Backstein, Knee Surgery
Image Dr. Backstein Head Shot
Image Dr. Joel Sadavoy and Caregiver
Dr. Joel Sadavoy (left), Director of The Reitman Centre and founder of the CARERS program at Mount Sinai Hospital speaks with caregiver Sylwia Halas (right) whose mother suffers from Alzheimer's, Wednesday April 23, 2014. Photo Credit: Peter Thompson/National Post
Image Dr. Joel Sadavoy and Caregiver
Dr. Sadavoy and Caregiver news thumb (National Post)
Image Dr. Perkins with patient
Endocrinologist Dr. Bruce Perkins, left,with Type 1 diabetic patient Mary Cringan at Toronto's Mount Sinai Hospital. A growing number of diabetics have now been living with the disease for 50 years or more and remain otherwise healthy. (Chris Young/The Canadian Press)
Image Perkins homepage
Perkins homepage
Image Sarcoma Symposium
Dr. Blackstein, Dr. Gladdy and Dr. Wunder at reception June 6, 2014
Image Sarcoma Patient Symposium
Sarcoma survivor Tammy Nickle (right) attended the patient symposium with her mother and former caregiver Brenda Nickel (left) and her newborn son. Tammy had surgery at Mount Sinai for Ewing’s sarcoma when she was 25.
Image Sarcoma Thumb
Sarcoma Patients
Image Dr. Pamela Goodwin
Dr. Pamela Goodwin
Image Dr. Pamela Goodwin Head Shot
Dr. Pamela Goodwin Head Shot for homepage
Image Family Photo
Cathy recently gave birth to a healthy baby boy and was filled with emotion as she expressed her gratitude. “I feel so blessed to have found Mount Sinai Hospital and Dr. Dalfen, who have walked through this incredible journey with me”.
Image Family Photo Thumb
Family Photo Thumb
Image kiss-100x85.jpg
Image kiss+dr-shoo-lee_100x85.jpg
Dr. Sinha reviews his patient’s care plan with his team in Mount Sinai’s Acute Care for Elders (ACE) Unit, which offers frail older adults customized care in an elder friendly environment. Photo credit: Kevin Kelly
Image Dr. Sinha ACE Tracker
Dr. Sinha ACE Tracker
30th annual NICU Graduate Picnic
On June 8, graduate families, volunteers and clinical staff gathered in High Park to celebrate their children’s successes and the important work done in Mount Sinai’s Neonatal Intensive Care Unit.
Image Dr. Borgundvaag shows new tremor app
Dr. Bjug Borgundvaag created the world's first app that objective measures alcohol withdrawal
Image tremor app2
Bjug showing new tremor app
Image Tremor App screen shot
Screen shot of tremor app for homepage
Image Dr. Nagy
Dr. Nagy
Image Dr. Nagy headshot
Dr. Nagy headshot
Image Dr. Retnakaran
Dr. Retnakaran news thumb
Image donor--nicklee-400x359.jpg
Image kenny-bonita-rubin-100x84.jpg
Image backstein_dr_400x266.jpg
Image flu-2014-poster_150x172.png
Image flu-2014-poster_140x161.png
Image get-flu-shot-graphic-361x184.jpg
Image samir-sinha-with-patient-400x266.jpg
Image get-flu-shot-graphic-361x184-no-logo.jpg
Image dr-wrana-400x267.jpg
Image dr-shoo-lee-400x369.jpg
Image mom-infant-nicu-400x290.jpg
Image dr-jeff-wrana-600x315.jpg
Image dr-jeff-wrana-611x320.jpg
Image dr-jeff-wrana-660x346.jpg
Image magnet-award-winning-mount-sinai-nurse-with-geriatrics-patient_660x346.jpg
Image get-flu-shot-graphic-200x160-no-logo.jpg