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Wait Times


The Ontario government implemented a plan to increase access and reduce wait times for five major health services. The aims are to:

a) increase the number of procedures to reduce the backlog that has developed over the last decade;

b) standardize best practices for both medical and administrative functions in order to improve patient flow and efficiency; and

c) collect and report accurate and up-to-date data on wait times to allow better decision making and increase accountability.

Wait times are measured from the date the patient decides to have surgery to the day the surgery is performed.

How do we compare?

Surgery Area

FY 09/10

FY 10/11

FY 11/12

FY 12/13

FY 13/14

Hip Replacement 69 89 152 144 176
Knee Replacement 57 57 131 93 136
Surgical Oncology 54 51 51 48 51
MRI 127 55 68 63 58
CT 50 40 35 34 28

Notes on the above:

  • The above Mount Sinai Hospital measures reflect the 90th percentile wait time, which is the point in days that 9 out of 10 patients have completed their surgery.
  • Surgical Oncology cases include treatment cases only.
  • Not all disease sites are shown – only those where MSH has a high volume.

What are we doing to improve access to care?

Mount Sinai is better than the provincial targets in almost all areas. We continue to work with the Total Joint Network, the Local Health Integration Network, and internal and external stakeholders to ensure patients receive the required surgeries and diagnostic procedures as soon as possible once it is identified that the surgery and or procedure is required.

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