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Processing Techniques & Advanced Packaging Systems

Mount Sinai Allograft Technologies is constantly developing innovative techniques for allograft processing, sterilization and packaging. Our specialized staff work together to offer our clients a superior product. All donor recoveries and bio-processing of tissues are done in-house which provides us with superior product control and management of staff.   allograft packaging 2

  • Every tissue processed meets established regulatory standards, including the American Association of Tissue Bank Standards and Current Good Tissue Practices (CGTP).
  • Continuing education and training to refine skills and knowledge; ensures superior product quality is maintained.
  • Certified Processing Technicians ensure that controlled processing environments meet Health Canada requirements.
  • Tissue is processed aseptically in Class-B and Class-C segregated clean rooms. 
Packaging Systems

Mount Sinai Allograft Technologies supplies packaging systems of superior quality to surgeons and operating room staff. Our packaging system ensures that each packaged tissue maintains integrity and sterility. Each tissue is packaged and heat-sealed in a class-C or higher clean room environment. The materials we use are certified to be non-toxic and made up of pure High Density Polyethylene polymer which is one of the more biocompatible and hypoallergenic materials available. In addition, each package is easy to open using a flexible peel-back closure.

Additional key features:

Donor Recovery & Processing Techniques
  • Aseptic Zone & Sequential Recovery of Tissues
  • Aseptic Processing of Tissues
  • Class B, C Processing Environment
  • Validated Methods to Eliminate Cross-contamination
Packaging Materials
  • Moisture Barrier
  • Product Visibility
  • Packaging Approved to Prevent Cytotoxicity
Lyophilized Tissues
  • Freeze-dried to a Moisture Level of Less Than 6%
  • Room Temperature Storage