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Group Programs

The Family Health Team offers a variety of free group classes and patient education sessions.
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Craving Change
Living Well

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A four week workshop for people who struggle with emotional eating.


A six week workshop for people living with a chronic condition.

Reflect, Rethink, Relax
Diabetes Conversations


An eight week cognitive behavioural therapy group for anxiety

Group therapy

A monthly class for people living with diabetes
























Craving Change

Do you struggle with your eating?  Do you eat for comfort, out of habit, or in response to your emotions?

Craving Change is a four week workshop that focuses on the “why” of eating.  It can help you discover why you eat the way you do and why it is hard to change.

  • Become more aware of your own personal problematic eating triggers
  • Learn techniques that you can use for dealing with these triggers and for changing your eating behaviours
  • Learn strategies that will assist you in maintaining a long-term positive relationship with food

For more information, or to register for upcoming sessions, contact Corina Rusu at 416-568-4800 ext. 5157


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 Living Well

Living Well is a 6 week program for anyone living with a chronic health condition. Learn better ways of coping and managing your health.

  • Setting achievable goals

  • Learning Problem Solving skills

  • Talking to others who have chronic health conditions

  • Relaxing and managing stress

  • Working in partnership with your health care team

 For more information, or to register for upcoming sessions, contact Corina Rusu at 416-568-4800 ext. 5157


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Reflect, Rethink, Relax

This is an 8 week cognitive behavioural therapy group for anxiety.

You will learn about:

  • What anxiety is and how it manifests in the body
  • What you can do to start feeling more in control of you symptoms and life

To Register: You will need a referral from your doctor for an assessment prior to being accepted into the group.


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Diabetes Conversations

  • An engaging, interactive class where we discuss many concepts related to living well with diabetes
  • This group is helpful for those recently diagnosed with diabetes and those who have had diabetes for many years and would like a refresher
  • Significant others/family members are welcome and encouraged to attend!

Classes take place the last Wednesday of the month, from 4-7pm.

To Register: Contact Helen Da Silva at 416-586-4800 ext. 5160


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