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Maternity Care

Prenatal, intrapartum and postnatal care at the family medicine clinic

Maternity CareThe Mount Sinai Academic Family Health Team provides high quality evidence-based maternity care to pregnant women and their families. Our patient and family centred environment supports the education of our learners and the evaluation and research of our practices and outcomes. Our maternity care team includes physicians, family medicine residents, nurses, a dietitian, pharmacist and nurse practitioners and supports patients through all phases of pregnancy, birth and postpartum care. 

Pregnant women without a family physician who are interested in receiving care from a family physician and an interprofessional team experienced in prenatal care are welcome to contact our new patient line at 416 586-5068.  Please leave a message and clearly indicate that you are pregnant or use the new patient "self" referral form found in our New Patient Information section of the website.

Pregnant women with a family physician must speak with their physician and ask for a referral from their physician to our Maternity Care Team at Mount Sinai Family Health Team.

For Referring physicians only:

The Maternity Care Team is happy to take referrals of low risk women for prenatal, intrapartum and postpartum care.  We will send mother and baby back to you after they have completed their course of care.  Please note maternity care here will not affect FHO services at your location. Please use the form below to refer patients.  

We are unable to provide routine maternity care to non-residents of Canada. Non-residents are advised to defer their visits to Canada until after their pregnancy is concluded. 


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