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Pharmacist Services

Register Today! Book your Medication Check-Up with our Family Health Team Pharmacist

Take the mystery out of managing your medications by meeting with our team pharmacist.


The Family Health Team Pharmacist provides medication assessments and education to ensure safe and effective medication use.  The pharmacist collaborates with patients and the health-care team at the clinic to assist in the selection, monitoring, and periodic review of prescription and non-prescription medications, herbal supplements and vitamins.


Why should I see a pharmacist?

The pharmacist will meet with you to make sure that you are receiving the best medications, and to ensure you understand the benefits and risks of your medications

What will the pharmacist do?

The pharmacist will meet with you in the clinic to:

  • ask you questions about all of your medications
  • review your chart and explain why you are taking each of your medications, and the side effects you need to watch for
  • answer any questions you may have about your medications
  • make suggestions to your doctor or other health-care provider
  • meet with you in the future to follow up on managing your medications

How do I make an appointment?

Please contact Corina Rusu at 416-586-4800 ext. 5157 if you would like to book an appointment with the pharmacist.


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