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Family Support Services

Infant Hearing Program

If a hearing impairment is confirmed in your child by a hearing assessment, you and your family may experience a range of emotions. You will also want some more information. The Family Support Worker is there to help you and your family, and explain to you the different supports and services that are in place for you and your child.

SupportThe family support worker is a professional with a background in social work who provides families with counseling, support, and general information about community agencies. He or she is used to working with people from all different backgrounds and cultures, and will help you make decisions that support what you want for your child.

The family support worker also provides families with information about the various communication options available for a family with a deaf or hard of hearing infant. The family support worker does not tell you that one approach is better than another, but rather explains the possible choices to you and your family. Together you decide which way to communicate is best for your child and your family. The options include spoken language (oral), manual language (sign language), or a combination of both.