Dr. Karina Bukhanov is an Assistant Professor at the University of Toronto. Dr. Bukhanov provides clinical consultation for screening and diagnostic breast imaging and is involved in research associated with imaging modalities.

Velita Contiga is a registered nurse working as a primary care nurse, coordinating the breast cancer clinics at the Marvelle Koffler Breast Centre. She is a Certified Oncology Nurse in Canada, and acquired her chemotherapy certification in New Jersey, USA. She completed a course in Human Genetics in 1997. She provides comprehensive care to breast cancer patients including chemotherapy administration, and is also involved in the assessment of patients with a strong family history of breast cancer.
Dr. Alexandra Easson is an Assistant Professor of Surgery at the University of Toronto. She specializes in the surgical treatment of cancer of the breast, melanoma and gastrointestinal tract. Her research uses her training in clinical epidemiology to study the clinical management of breast cancer.
Dr. Christine Elser is an Assistant Professor of Medicine at the University of Toronto with appointments as Staff Medical Oncologist at Mount Sinai Hospital and Princess Margaret Hospital. Her specialist areas are breast cancer and cancer of unknown primary. She is the head of the Familial Breast Cancer Clinic at the Marvelle Koffler Breast Centre and provides risk reduction counselling and follow-up care for women with a strong family history of breast cancer. She is investigator in many breast cancer trials and involved in research on familial breast cancer. She is involved in teaching undergraduate student and residents and serves as member of the Medical Oncology training committee.
Dr. Jaime Escallon received his medical degree from the University of El Rosario, Bogotá Colombia in 1974, came to Toronto and trained in the Gallie Program in General Surgery and became Fellow of the Royal College in 1981. He then went back to Colombia to practice General Surgery in an Academic Institution, the Fundacion Santa Fe de Bogota, where he was Head of the Division of General Surgery, Chair of the Department of Surgery and later Chief of Staff. In 2002 he was invited to come back to Toronto and offered the position of Head of General Surgery at the Toronto Western Hospital and Coordinator of the Breast Cancer program at the Marvelle Koffler Center at Mount Sinai Hospital. He was also Co-director of the General Surgery residency program at the University of Toronto and he has been involved with Cancer Care Ontario in the Surgical Oncology Program. Dr. Escallon has served in many editorial boards. His current interests are in education and breast cancer clinical research.

Dr. Pamela Goodwin is a Professor of Medicine at the University of Toronto, with a cross appointment in the Department of Public Health Sciences and in the School of Graduate Studies. She is a Senior Scientist in the Samuel Lunenfeld Research Institute at Mount Sinai Hospital, Director of the hospital's Marvelle Koffler Breast Centre and holder of the Marvelle Koffler Chair in Breast Research. Dr. Goodwin is also a Medical Oncologist, who provides clinical consultation and follow-up of breast cancer patients and patients with a strong family history of breast cancer. Dr. Goodwin has been actively involved in research relating to breast cancer for the past 15 years.

Dr. Supriya Kulkarni is an Assistant Professor in Medical Imaging at the University of Toronto. Dr. Kulkarni is involved in the screening and diagnostic imaging at the Marvelle Koffler Breast Centre and University Health Network. She is actively involved in Breast MR and research in the Department of Breast Imaging.

Dr. Jon Hunter is a psychiatrist in the MKBC who coordinates the psychosocial care of patients undergoing diagnosis and treatment for breast cancer. As the head of the Psychosomatic Program in the Department of Psychiatry at MSH, he also teaches undergraduate and post-graduate students and conducts research. The research topics include: minimizing chemotherapy side-effects via pre-emptive relaxation training, psychological support for women in High Risk families, and the possible interactions between early life experience and coping with illness. In the breast center Dr. Hunter sees women for diagnosis and treatment of coping related issues in breast cancer.

Linda Muraca R.N., B.A., M.N., is a Nurse Clinician for the Mount Sinai Hospital Auxiliary Breast Health and Taking Charge Programs in the Marvelle Koffler Breast Centre in Mount Sinai Hospital. The goal of the Breast Health Program is to reach out to well women in the community to promote breast health awareness and early detection of breast cancer. Linda co-developed and delivers a 5 session interprofessional program for women after a diagnosis of breast cancer called Taking Charge, a program which focuses on healthy lifestyle choices that may reduce the risk of recurrence and will improve overall health. She is also a Co-Investigator and Project Manager for two recently funded community-based grants.

Seema Panchal MS, American Board Certified Genetic Counselor,is a genetic counsellor in the Familial Breast Cancer Clinic providing genetic counselling and genetic testing to individuals with a significant family history of breast cancer. She received her Master of Science in Genetic Counselling from Wayne State University in 2003. She is also involved in research projects associated with hereditary breast cancer, and is  a clinical supervisor to University of Toronto students in the M.Sc Program in Genetic Counselling.

Trisha Woodhead M.S.W is a registered Social Worker working in the Marvelle Koffler Breast Centre. She attends to the psychosocial needs of women and their families who are undergoing diagnosis and treatment for breast cancer.  In addition to providing clinical counselling , the Social Worker  assists individuals with the non-medical aspects of their care (e.g. locating community support services, obtaining financial assistance, etc.).  As a member of the joint MSH/PMH  Surgical Breast Team, Trisha also assists with the Breast Cancer Surgery Preadmission Teaching Class.