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Headaches in Women and Children

Headaches in Women

Headache tendencies are largely inherited. Many headaches are linked to a woman's menstrual cycle. Such headaches are not psychological in origin but result from changes in female hormones.

Interestingly, two-thirds of patients find that their headaches get better during pregnancy. A new headache problem, that is one starting for the first time during pregnancy, needs special attention. Unfortunately, it is rare for a woman's headaches to be "cured" by pregnancy. 

Some doctors believe that the birth control pill causes headaches to become worse or even brings them on. The evidence for this is not very strong. Some women who have specific types of migraine probably should not be on the Pill. This group may be at an increased risk of having a stroke. Women with headaches have to discuss their use of the birth control pill with their doctors.

Menopause does not consistently worsen or improve headaches. In general though, headaches tend to improve as people get older.

There are many benefits from female hormone replacement for women in later life. Women who continue to have headaches after the menopause should be on the lowest possible doses of hormones. 

Headaches In Children

Headaches can occur in people of any age including children. In fact, headaches are not rare in school age children. Most headaches in children are a form of migraine.