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Physicians and Staff

Key professionals at the Wasser Pain Management Centre include anaesthesiologists, dentists, neurologists, nurses, physical therapy, psychiatrists, psychologists and other pain practitioners. The team also consists of gynecologists, medical imagers, pharmacists.

Associate scientific staff include members of the University of Toronto Departments of Physiology and Physical Therapy in the Faculty of Medicine, the Faculties of Nursing and Dentistry, and members of The Michener Institute.

The Wasser Pain Management Centre and its staff are associated with the University of Toronto Centre for the Study of Pain. Students from University of Toronto participate in clinical programs.

Members of the Wasser Pain Management Centre and their home departments

Dr. Anuj Bhatia
Dr. Hance Clarke
Dr. David Evans
Dr. Rita Katznelson
Dr. Philip Peng
Dr. Neilish Soneji
Dr. Paul Tumber

Administrative Staff
Enza Barbati, Medical Education Coordinator
Diana Bereti, Senior Administrative Coordinator
Maria Valenzuela
Rahel Walelign

Associate Scientific Staff
Dr. Barry Sessle ( Faculty of Dentistry)
Dr. Karen Davis (Dept of Surgery)
Dr. Jonathan Dostrovsky (Dept of Physiology)
Judith Hunter, BSc(PT), MSc., PhD
Dr. Mike Salter (University of Toronto Centre for the Study of Pain)
Dr. Bonnie Stevens (Faculty of Nursing) 
Dr. Howard Tenenbaum
Dr. Judith Watt Watson (Faculty of Nursing)

CBT Program
Dr. Ted Robinson

Dr. David Mock, Associate Director
Dr. Michael Goldberg
Dr. Deepika Chugh

EMG Technologist
Shirley Rogers

Gynaecology and Obstetrics
Dr. Elyse Levinsky

Dr. Allan Gordon, Director

Marilyn Galonski, Nurse Clinician & Care Coordinator
Leah Pink, Nurse Clinician & Research Coordinator

Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery 
Dr. David Lam

Dr. Jonathan Hunter
Dr. Peter Moran

Sex Therapy
Rae Dolman

Trainees (Fellows & Residents)
Dr. Husni Alakkad
Dr. Rajinikanth Sundararajan
Dr. Hassan Ali Al-Mustaneer