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Research - Programs and Projects

Science ImageOur staff is active in the researching cancer diagnostics including cancer genetics and proteomics, degenerative diseases of connective tissue, and fetal-perinatal pathology.

PLM is actively involved in introducing new technologies and translational research, and bridging the gap between bench research and pathology practice. PLM was one of the first institutions to use monolayer technology in cytology and is a leader in the field of predictive cancer genetics.

PLM maintains a strong collaborative relationship with members of the Lunenfeld-Tanenbaum Research Institute, the University of Toronto as well as other institutions and organizations in Canada and abroad.

Research for Students

PLM offers research opportunities for all levels of education from undergraduate to post-doctoral positions. Details on research opportunities at PLM can be found in the education section of this website.

Research Services

PLM provides research services for collaborating or outside projects. Please see research services for additional information.