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Ethnicity-based Conditions

In every part of the world there are different genetic conditions which occur more often in the population than in other places.

Typically, these conditions are inherited in an autosomal recessive manner, meaning both partners must be ‘carriers’ to have a child affected with the condition.

However, carriers are typically healthy and have no family history of the condition. The only way to determine if you are a carrier is through blood testing. Specific tests exist for people of the ethnic backgrounds listed below.

All ethnicity-based screening tests can be performed by your own health care provider and do NOT require an appointment to our program. However, if both members of a couple are found to be carriers of the same condition, we recommend that they be referred to our program or another genetic centre to discuss the implications in a pregnancy and further testing options.

Click on an ethnicity to see what conditions are more commonly seen in people of that background.

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