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Interesting Facts about Genetics

  • The structure of DNA was discovered in 1953.
  • If you unraveled all the chromosomes from all of your cells and placed the DNA end to end, the strands would stretch from the Earth to the moon about 6,000 times
  • We have 30,000- 40,000 genes, each with coding for important functions.
  • The language of the genome is comprised of four letters:
A = Adenine, T = Thymine, G = Guanine C = Cytosine

      These letters are scrambled several million times to make the genetic code.
  • The Human Genome Project has a complete catalogue of the Human Genome. This catalogue will be the size several hundred average-sized telephone books and will have the letters A, T, G, C in various permutations and combinations.
  • Finding every gene in the human body is like finding details on every person in every country of the world.
  • We still don't know the function of more than 80 per cent of our DNA.

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