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Upon referrals from the Court, the court support workers will complete a pre-assessment in two to three weeks. The workers will make arrangements for appropriate services such as: psychiatric/psychological assessment, assistance with accommodation and welfare, food or clothing needs, linkage to community mental health or other needed services.

Consultation and Advice

On-site consultation is provided to the Old City Hall mental Health Court on cases referred for disposition. Advice on mental health services as well as information on court procedures are also offered to the clients and their families.

Direct Brief Service and Case Management Support

Within a six months period, individuals are connected to appropriate resources and the court support workers assist the individuals in accessing needed services. Therapeutic treatment will also be provided by the Program Staff during this period.

Court Diversion

Diversion is defined as pre-trial procedure where the Crown Counsel uses his or her discretion, on a case-by-case basis, not to prosecute the low-risk offenders. Court support workers will consult relevant court agencies and discuss the suitability for court diversion with the lawyers to implement a treatment plan for the individuals and to seek the Crown Counsel's approval.


We advocate and provide education to the courts, consumers and their families about consumer issues, mental illness, mental health services and the mental health system.