Who would be involved in providing treatment?

  • Care will be provided by nurses, a social worker, an occupational therapist and psychiatrists.
  • We are a teaching hospital and students from accredited training programs may also be involved under the supervision of clinical staff members.

What makes an individual eligible for this program?

  • Individuals referred must be able to make a commitment to attend on a regular basis. Patients are required to attend groups on a number of days every week.
  • Individuals who are using substances in a manner that would interfere with their group work would not be ready for our Day Treatment Services.   
  • Individuals must be willing and able to tolerate a group format, have stable living arrangements and be able to commit to an intensive group schedule.
  • Our day treatment programs would not be suitable for individuals who are suffering from a high degree of emotional dysregulation that would negatively impact their ability to participate in a meaningful way in a group environment. 

What is the treatment model/theoretical approach applied in the Day Treatment Program?

  • Some of the groups provided in our Day Treatment Program are informed by therapeutic modalities that will enhance emotional regulation skills and interpersonal effectiveness. Other groups provide an opportunity for interpersonal and reflective therapeutic work.

 Where are the groups held and is it accessible?

  • Groups are held at Mount Sinai Hospital, 600 University Ave in the out-patient psychiatry department. Accessible by elevators. Wheelchair accessible washrooms are currently only available on the main floor of the hospital.