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Couples/Family Therapy Clinic

Kalam Sutandar, MD, FRCPC; Angela Ho, MD, FRCPC

The Mount Sinai Hospital Couples/Family Therapy Clinic provides psychotherapy to couples and families, and academic teaching to learners in medicine and allied health disciplines.

In addition to offering therapy, the educational program has three components:

  1. Continuous Case Observation

    Throughout the year, every Friday from 9 to 10:30am, Dr. Sutandar or Dr. Ho provides therapy to a couple or family in a room where learners observe the session behind a one-way mirror.  After the treatment session, the trainees and staff discuss the case that was observed, including formulation and process issues. Couples/families can meet the learners immediately before the session and can withdraw consent from being observed at any time.

    With the couple/family’s consent, sessions may also be video-recorded for educational purposes. Couples/families may request to review the recording at home as well and often find this experience enlightening. Couples/families can withdraw consent at any time from being recorded and these recordings will be erased.

    Couples/families participating in these educational processes are greatly appreciated, as they provide a unique contribution to medical education. Although receiving treatment from a single therapist, the couple benefits from the collective perspectives of the learning team. Usually 2-3 couples/families are seen in rotation on different weeks, to give learners the opportunity to observe different relational problems over a longitudinal period. 

    Therapy sessions provided by psychiatrists are covered by OHIP. Please ensure your OHIP card is up-to-date.  NOTE: For appointments where a couple/family does not attend or cancels/reschedules with insufficient notice, a fee will be charged to the couple/family.

  2. Couples/Family Therapy offered by Supervised Psychiatry Residents

    Psychiatry residents may provide couples or family therapy at Mount Sinai Hospital or other University of Toronto-affiliated academic teaching sites, while receiving one-on-one weekly supervision with a supervisor.

    Therapy sessions provided by psychiatry residents are covered by OHIP. Please ensure your OHIP card is up-to-date.

  3. Theory Seminars

    Seminars about theories applied to couples and family therapy are offered to medical learners in didactic and interactive seminars, or in small group discussions illustrated by DVD examples of actual clinical sessions.

    Patients cannot take part in couples/family therapy if they have difficulties such as the following:

    • Violence/abuse in the relationship
    • Acute psychosis or cognitive difficulties affecting one’s ability to participate
    • Problematic alcohol or drug use
    • Significant suicidality (unless the individual also has an individual therapist)
    • Severe difficulties managing emotions (unless the individual also has an individual therapist)
    • Couples/family therapy may be pursued in conjunction to other services/supports that one may already be receiving through other care providers (e.g. medication, individual psychotherapy, or group psychotherapy)


Arranging Appointments:

As of October 2018, the clinic is accepting referrals from physicians and nurse practitioners in the community. 

Referral Form:

Download the Couples/Family Therapy Clinic referral form. Please note that in addition to the referral from a clinician, the couple must also phone in to express their interest in therapy.  

The Clinic also maintains a database of other couples/family therapists (out-of-pocket and OHIP-covered clinicians) if you prefer to seek therapy in the community. This list is not exhaustive and inclusion in this list does not imply endorsement by Mount Sinai Hospital.



updated January 2018