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Health Professionals caring for someone with Dementia- OLD

The Cyril & Dorothy, Joel & Jill Reitman Centre for Alzheimer’s Support and Training comprehensively addresses the needs of caregivers.- those caring for loved ones with dementia. The Centre’s programs include:
  • direct therapeutic care and skills training for caregivers
  • consultations to professionals dealing with complex caregiver-based dementia management problems
  • training for professionals in caregiver management techniques
  • research leadership and consultation

Each program works in tandem to sustain carers in their difficult role and functions by enhancing their practical skills and providing expert help to deal with emotional challenges and the complexities of caregiving for family members with dementia.

Evidence based skills training utilizes formal problem solving techniques, therapeutic principles and guided simulation for hands-on training. The effectiveness of this approach has been demonstrated through formal outcome research.

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Psychogeriatric Resource Consultant for Primary Care (PRC-PC)

Supports the growing needs of our aging population

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Decreasing the burden of caregiving on high risk caregivers