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Couple and Family Psychotherapy

The clinic provides couple and family assessments, makes recommendations and offers treatment to those who are dealing with HIV-related concerns. The psychotherapy integrates a range of therapies such as psychoanalytic, cognitive, systemic, communicational and structural. The work within the therapy is designed to meet the different needs of each couple or family.

Mount Sinai is a university teaching hospital; as such, we provide learning experience for medical professionals. With the permission of the couple or family we may either request to film or to have students observe the assessment and treatment. There is also the possibility that the couple or family will be asked to participate in research endeavours regarding couple and family functioning. If the couple or family decline, this will have no effect on their receiving treatment.

Couples or families eligible for the program include those who are affected or infected by HIV. It is fine if one or more of the individuals are also receiving individual or group psychotherapy.

We are not able to accept individuals who are in acute psychotic episodes or who are actively suicidal if that member of the couple or family is not currently in treatment. Similarly, we will not accept individuals who have current alcohol or drug addiction unless they are already receiving treatment to manage the problems.

Referrals can be made at the request of your physician, or by self-referral.

Please contact the clinic’s program assistant at 416-586-4800 ext. 8714.



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