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Experiencing Meditation, Experiencing Life: Deepening Engagement in Meditation and Clinical Practice

Bill Gayner, MSW, RSW & Steven Selchen, MD, FRCPC

Dates: April 20, 21 & June 8, 9, 2012

Explore how meditation can help you cultivate authenticity, positive regard and empathy towards your own current experience in daily life and towards your clients' current experience in your clinical practice. 

Rather than providing training in a specific modality or set of therapy techniques, the objective of this workshop is to enrich your engagement in meditation in order to enhance your therapeutic presence in sessions with clients, and by doing so, strengthen the effectiveness of whatever therapeutic techniques or modalities you already use. 

Participants will also learn an open, inclusive, emotion-friendly approach to cultivating awareness through meditation called recollective awareness meditation that encourages a process of clear discernment and adaptive response in the face of complex emotional experience. 

This workshop will be of interest to people from a wide variety of psychotherapeutic orientations and range of meditation experience, including those new to meditation.

Course Objectives:

The development of one's own meditation practice for enhancing self-care and therapeutic presence is also an integral part of learning how to teach patients/clients meditation.  This course is for clinicians interested in deepening their meditation skills and reflecting on their own emotional awareness and intrapsychic processes as a way of deepening their therapeutic presence.



Bill Gayner, MSW, RSW is a mental health professional in the Clinic for HIV-Related Concerns in Psychiatry at Mount Sinai Hospital where he integrates meditation into both individual and group psychotherapy.  He co-led a randomized controlled trial of mindfulness for gay men living with HIV and is currently developing an emotion-focused meditation approach to enhance specificity for internalized stigma associated with HIV and sexual orientation.  He has had a daily meditation practice for almost thirty years. 


Steven Selchen, MD, FRCPC is a staff psychiatrist at Mount Sinai Hospital where he runs a Mindfulness-Based Interventions Clinic.  He trained in Mindfulness-Based Cognitive Therapy at Oxford University, where he is completing his Master's degree.  He also leads mindfulness-based educational programming across the University of Toronto, Faculty of Medicine.


Fee & Information

The cost for this workshop is $745.  Lunch is included on both Fridays.

Attendance is expected for all 4 dates.  The Fridays are full days and the Saturdays are half-day mornings only.
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