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MSH Staff Program

The Department of Rehabilitation provides prompt assessment and treatment to staff of Mount Sinai Hospital. Our department works closely with the Occupational Health and Safety Department in assisting with early return to work and pre-injury functional status. Staff are usually booked for an initial assessment within one to two weeks of receiving a physician's referral. Employees with work related injuries or those employees who are on modified work, should consult with Occupational Health for referral for rehabilitation services. Employees with non-work related injuries need to bring or fax a physician's referral for services to our reception area.

Ergonomic work site evaluations: assessment of the worker's environment and equipment/furniture to provide recommendations to maximize the worker's abilities while decreasing the risk for injury.

Education: Department specific education outlining the basic principles of back care, the use of proper body mechanics and injury prevention tailored to meet the specific needs of the department. Patient handling techniques and transfer training is also available.

Physical demands analysis: an evaluation of the physical requirements of the job. This information is used during functional abilities testing to match the employee's abilities with a specific set of job demands. It can be used as a basis for establishing appropriate functional goals and for developing a modified job or gradual return to work program.