Sandra Kendall

Ms. Kendall received her masters degree in Library Science from the University of Toronto. Since then she has worked in corporate, public and not-for-profit libraries and has extensive business experience. She has presented at major library conferences including Internet Librarian and the Medical Libraries Association, and has published in major Canadian journals. 

Her article, Evidence-based resources simplified, was published in the February 2008 issue of the journal Canadian Family Physician. This article focuses on the evidence-based medicine resources toolkit designed to help physicians and medical students to select the best online evidence-based resources to answer clinical questions.

Ms. Kendall was an active volunteer member of the Research Ethics Board at Mount Sinai Hospital for over nine years.  As a non-clinical member of the board she contributed her unique point of view to the assessment of clinical trials.

Ms. Kendall has published in journals and presented at conferences on topics of varied interest to librarians and clinicians.

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Meetings - Presentations

IFLA (International Federation of Library Associations) and Institutions General Conference and Assembly

  • 2014. Lyon, France August 16-22. The Ptolemy Project. An Analysis of Use and Access. Oral presentation and poster presentation. 
  • 2014. Lyon, France. LIS Education in 2050: TAAAC-LSP. Ignite presentation
  • 2014 Limerick, Ireland. August 16-22. Information Literacy Education and Training: the TAAAC Experience in Ethiopia. Oral presentation by Carla Hagstrom.
  • 2012. Helsinki, August 11-17. Strengthening Medical Library Services in Ethiopia: TAAAC Library Science Program: an International Education Collaboration. Poster presentation.
  • 2012. Lappeenranta, Finland August 8-9. Transcending Boundaries: Strengthening Medical Library Services in Ethiopia: an international collaboration. Oral presentation.


Cochrane Collaboration

  • 2015. Vienna, October 3-7. Colloquium. Train the trainers: medical library literacy for health professionals in Ethiopia. Oral presentation.
  • 2013. Quebec, P.Q. September 19-23. Colloquium. A revolutionary model for medical library literacy,TAAAC-LSP.
  • 2012. Winnipeg, MB. May 9-12. Symposium. Health evidence for all: Toronto to Ethiopia. Poster.


Bethune Round Table on Global Surgery

  • 2012. Toronto, ON - Hosted by the Canadian Network for International Surgery and the Office for International Surgery, University of Toronto. May 25-27. Poster presentation. Filling the Gap: Increasing Numbers of Surgeons.


TRY Staff Conference (University of Toronto/Ryerson Univ/York Univ)

  • 2014. Toronto, ON, St. Michael's College UofT. May 6th. 10 Years After: The Ptolemy Project at the University of Toronto. Poster presentation.

University of Toronto Dalla Lana School of Public Health and Hart House

  • 2009. Toronto, ON - The Toronto Addis Ababa Academic Collaboration : 10 disciplines contributing to Ethiopian health care: planning for the future


Ontario Library Association

  • 2017. Toronto, ON - The Transitional Librarian:  Making Mid-Career Changes
  • 2015. Toronto, ON - Lightning Round for Health Libraries. TAAAC Library Science Program
  • 2013. Toronto, ON - TAAAC Outcomes conference poster
  • 2010. Toronto, ON - From Toronto to East Africa: A Library Collaboration 
  • 2007. Toronto, ON - Nameless Librarian, Are You Going to Lead the Hospital CEO to the Evidence? Co-presented with Mary McDiarmid, Baycrest.
  • 2001. Toronto, ON - Medicine in Your Palm: Wireless & PDAs 


Canadian Health Libraries Association

  • 2012. Hamilton, ON June 11-15. TAAAC Library Science Program: Web design
  • 2007. Ontario Hospital CEOs and their use of Evidence-Based Resources
  • 2005. Toronto, ON - Evidence Based Medicine: A Toolkit. Evidence Based Nursing resources algorithm
  • PDA 101 (accredited course) 2004 - Sudbury and 2005 - Thunder Bay
  • 2003. Edmonton, AB - Integrating our Inventories: Successful Partnerships

Medical Library Association

  • 2012. Seattle, WA - Growing Opportunities: Changing Our Game. Strengthening Medical Library Services in Ethiopia: An international collaboration.
  • 2009. Honolulu, HI -  Partnering with Ethiopia : How are we Expanding Clinical Library Services in the Developing World of Eastern Africa.
  • 2003. San Diego CA - The Beginnings of an Evidence Based Medicine Toolkit. Poster Presentation


Internet Librarian

  • 2007. Monterey, CA - Technologies & Information Integration in Hospitals.
  • 2006. Monterey, CA - Consumer Health Search Tips.
  • 2005. Monterey, CA - Best Evidence E-Resources: Fee and Free
  • 2004. Monterey, CA - Partnering for Health Session A & B
  • 2003. Monterey, CA - PDA/Wireless Tips
  • 2003. Monterey, CA - Public Health Emergencies: SARS in the City
  • 2001. Pasadena, CA - Utilizing PDAs for Just in Time Retrieval of Medical Information

Special Libraries Association

  • 2000. Philadelphia, PA - Medicine in Your Palm: A PDA Workshop


Ontario Health Libraries Association

  • 2013. Toronto, ON. Transferring Knowledge: Equity for Health Professionals in Ethiopia. Continuing Education session for Health Library Professionals

Ontario Association of Library Technicians (OALT/ABO)

  • 2012. King City, ON - Blazing New Trails/Decouvrir de Nouvelles Voies, Strengthening Medical Library Services in Ethiopia: An International Collaboration. A look at progress since the 2009 presentation. Co-presented with Vicky Lynham
  • 2009. Barrie, ON - 35th annual conference. From Toronto to East Africa: A Library Collaboration.  


Canadian Health Network

  • 2006. Keynote address for Quality Initiatives for the Selection of Information Resources for use by Public Libraries.


St Clement's Church, Toronto

  • 2012. Health Equity for Ethiopia: An International Partnership. (Social Justice invited speaker)


Other Presentations

  • 2005. E-Health Conference, Toronto, ON. Poster presentation - Evidence-Based Resources
  • 2004. Thomson User Alliance, National Sales Meeting, Denver, CO. A user perspective of Thomson resources.
  • 2002, 2003. Nursing Research Day, Mount Sinai Hospital, Toronto, ON. Keynote presentation on Evidence-Based Nursing
  • 2002. Ontario Health Association. E-Nursing
  • 2002. Northern Medical School, Thunder Bay, ON. Using mobile devices for best evidence
  • 2001. Sudbury Regional Hospital. Mini conference on how to use PDAs for best practice
  • 1997. Board of Trade, Toronto, ON.  Career Planning for Librarians in all sectors: public, special and academic.
  • 1992, 1999, 2002, 2003. Lectures on marketing, current library initiatives, how to prepare for the job market, health science resources, leadership skills, team building, change management.



  • 2018. Canadian Hospital Librarian of the Year. Canadian Hospital Librarians Association
  • 2015. Mentorship and Coaching Award. Ontario Health Libraries Association. 
  • 2013. Key Innovator in Healthcare - For using the power of technology to save and improve lives for their evidence-based medicine algorithm and library value study. ClinicalKey. 
  • 2004. Excellence in Patient Care - Recognition of achievement. Thompson Micromedex.