The eLearning module teaches healthcare providers about the experiences of women with disabilities’ accessing breast cancer screening.  The module contains tips and real life scenarios to help healthcare providers communicate appropriately and comfortably interact with women with disabilities.  The scenarios in the module are based on stories told by real women coming for cancer screening.

The module begins with general information on working with women with disabilities.  Next, the participants work through four clinical vignettes involving interactions with women with disabilities.  Based on their responses, the participants are provided with feedback and a rationale about which response is optimal given the circumstance. 

The eLearning module takes approximately 1 hour to complete.


Learning Objectives

The learning objectives for the eLearning module are:
1.  Understand women with disabilities’ experiences of cancer screening.
2.  Learn and practice effective collaboration and communication
3.  Use new knowledge to creatively problem solve and improve access
      and care.






The module covers the following topics:
1.  Interacting with women with disabilities and their support workers.
2.  Negotiating accommodations specific to disability.
3.  Collaborating with women with disabilities to create an optimal   
      clinical encounter.
4.  Mediated communication related to disability. 
5.  Creative problem solving during novel care situations.

To access the eLearning module click here.

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