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Simulation Workshop/Immersive Learning

Planning, Equipment and Resources

The Gateways II educational intervention was an organized initiative with staff from the Joint Department of Medical Imaging at Mount Sinai Hospital, Princess Margaret Hospital, and Women’s College Hospital in Toronto, Canada.  The following workshop guidelines are based on the planning and implementation experience of the Gateways II project.  Each workshop requires a minimum of 8 participants with a maximum of 16.  Participants are divided into groups of 2-4 and move as a group through the four scenarios, which all run at the same time.  A total of 7 SPs are used for the workshop.  If SPs are unavailable, the workshop can be implemented using role-playing techniques with a total of 7 staff members or people from community agencies involved in disability advocacy (for example, Centres for Independent Living).  The timelines, materials and resources will vary depending on the magnitude of your planned program.

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• Planning

• Equipment & Resources

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Facilitated Discussion Program

Short Presentations