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  • To review details on course requirements, please visit the Heart and Stroke Resuscitation Portal < CLICK HERE > (If you do not have an account, please create one). Once you gain access to the portal, you will be able to search and register for our upcoming ACLS Courses.
  • There is a link for fee payment submission in the course details.
  • We will receive a notice of your registration from the portal and we will follow up with further instructions and more details regarding your course.
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To prepare for your training please use the 2015 ACLS Provider Manual from Heart and Stroke.

The ACLS Provider Manual is not included in the cost of the course.  

The Manual is available at the Heat and Stroke Foundation Heart Shop < CLICK HERE >

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Physicians, Dentists,

International Medical Graduates (IMGs)



(RN, Fellows/Residents, Paramedic, Medical Students)

ACLS Certification 

2-day course 



ACLS Recertification 

1-day course



ACLS Instructor Course




Note for international medical graduates:

Fees for ACLS are the same as those for practicing physicians, unless you are currently participating in an official IMG-related clinical program. You will need to provide documentation of your training status to be eligible for the reduced resident rate.

Note for U of Toronto postgraduate trainees:

U of Toronto will only pay for the first ACLS new provider course for U of Toronto postgraduate trainees. Any subsequent recertification courses must be paid by the trainee.

Eligibility for the subsidized training must be confirmed by SimSinai Centre with the Postgrad Office. In the event that a course registrant is not eligible for this subsidy, he/she is responsible for paying the full course cost.

Once the Postgrad office approves your eligibility, SimSina Centre will register you for the course.

If the trainee doesn't attend their scheduled course,the full course cost will be charged to the Postgrad Office. The trainee will need to contact the Postgrad Office for further coordination in regards to their subsidy.

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  1. If you are being subsidized by your Sponsor (verified by our office), please DO NOT make a payment when prompted with PayPal after clicking submit below
  2. For all others, registration will not be complete until payment is received by credit card with PayPal
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Refund Information:

NOTE: A spot at the course is only held once a payment has been received by the SimSinai Centre. We cannot book another student for the course unless you cancel your registration with enough notice.

  • If you notify us that you want to CHANGE your course dates 15 or more days before the course, we will accommodate your request without penalty.
  • If you decide to CANCEL with 15 days or more notice before the course, we will retain 10% of your payment to cover our administrative expenses.
  • If you CANCEL/CHANGE with less than 15 days notice before the course date, we will retain 50% of the tuition cost as compensation for preventing another student from taking the course.
  • If you DO NOT show up on the date of the course WITHOUT PRIOR notification to the SimSinai Centre, NO REFUND will be provided.

In the event of an unexpected catastrophic event, SimSinai Program Administration will review your case. Penalties may be waived and you will be allowed to reschedule the course to another date, note we cannot provide refunds beyond what is described above.