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Cyril & Dorothy, Joel & Jill Reitman Centre for Alzheimer's Support and Training

Managing the Care of Loved Ones with Dementia at Home

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The Cyril and Dorothy, Joel and Jill Reitman Centre for Alzheimer’s Support and Training located within the Department of Psychiatry at Mount Sinai Hospital and developed with the support of the federal Department of Human Resources and Skills Development Canada, aims both to provide exemplary clinical care to individuals and families and to bring the our model of best practices and accumulated clinical experience to scale through a range of dissemination strategies and the training of healthcare professionals. The Reitman Centre provides an array of evidence-based, culturally and linguistically sensitive, family-centred interventions, tools and resources for family caregivers.

Unique to the Reitman Centre is the Reitman Centre CARERS Program, a 10 week group intervention designed specifically to address the needs and actively support the efforts of family caregivers who are providing care to individuals with dementia at home. The Reitman Centre CARERS Program is a targeted and tailored skill-building intervention developed to address the complex mix of factors that affect caregivers’ ability to cope and adapt to the often new and challenging role of caregiver. It combines therapeutic principles for managing caregiver stress and burden with fresh approaches to education and skills training, and formal problem solving techniques derived from cognitive behavioural theory.

By attending the Reitman Centre CARERS Program:

  • Caregivers develop more effective problem solving skills;
  • Caregivers develop practical skills to improve communication and manage dementia related behaviours;
  • Caregivers are given the opportunity to learn new skills by practicing them with the help of standardized patients who are professional actors trained to work with caregivers to simulate specific challenging situations encountered at home;
  • Caregivers receive guidance and coaching by expert clinical staff through individualized role playing scenarios in order to learn new and more successful ways to cope with common caregiving dilemmas;
  • Caregivers also have the chance to process their emotional reactions to caregiving;
  • Caregivers develop an enhanced sense of capability, feel less isolated and can continue to provide care in the community.


The Reitman CARERS Program equips family caregivers to better manage the day-to-day care of the person of dementia, to address emotional stress and to reduce levels of caregiver burden.

A specific therapeutic focus of the Reitman Centre is the High Risk Caregiver, a caregiver whose well-being is in jeopardy and/or who may be unable to continue to provide the same level of care to their family member. As part of their comprehensive assessment, every caregiver is evaluated for risk and those found to be at high risk are provided with a more intensive care plan that may include additional services and supports in the Reitman Centre and at home. The work with high risk caregivers is directed by a full time mental health clinician funded by the Behavioural Supports for Seniors Program, a provincial initiative designed to coordinate and deliver support to caregivers in the community and improve and engage in knowledge exchange and capacity building.

Accreditation Canada recognized the value and impact of the Reitman CARERS Program through the awarding of a 2012 Leading Practice Award which acknowledges leadership in the delivery of high quality care worthy of being implemented in other healthcare organizations.

Please view the attached for more background information on caregiving

For more information about the program and who is eligible, please read the brochure

Access to the Reitman CARERS Program can be self referral. Simply call Carole Bowles at 416-586-4800 ext. 5882. Professionals may also make referrals by completing the referral form and faxing it to 416-586-3231.




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