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New nurse already part of the Mount Sinai family

 yolanda ignacio and cara russon
Nurses Yolanda Ignacio and Cara Russon

Unlike many graduates looking for their first full-time job, Cara Russon applied for a nursing position at only one Hospital and one department - Mount Sinai on 17th South.

After hearing such good things about Mount Sinai, Russon pursued the opportunity and called Anita Lowe, the Nursing Unit Administrator for 17 South. Before she knew it, this small-town girl was moving to Toronto to start her career at Mount Sinai, where she’s been working as a nurse since September, as part of the New Nursing Graduate Guarantee program.

“My experience at Mount Sinai has been unique and positive,” says Russon. “There’s a special bond between the young nurses who are learning and the senior staff who are excelling in their careers, and I’m so lucky to be working with such a supportive team, who constantly help each other.

Russon is embracing patient and family-centered care by collaborating with patients and families to ensure they have everything they need to receive The Best in Nursing and return to comfort and good health.

“It’s refreshing to have new nurses as a part of our team to guide them in putting their knowledge into practice,” says Yolanda Ignacio, a Mount Sinai nurse, who Russon says continues to be a phenomenal mentor. “I’m happy for Cara, and I hope she will work with our team for a long time.”