11th Floor

(Orthopaedics, Oncology, Trauma, Head and Neck Surgery, and Dentistry)

The Orthopedics clinical area is on 11th Floor, a 66-bed mixed surgical floor divided into North and South units.  

11 South

11 South is a 34-bed orthopedic unit, providing comprehensive patient and family centered care for orthopedic oncology and trauma patients. 

The orthopaedic oncology population often consists of patients diagnosed with a rare type of cancer called sarcoma.  The sarcoma program at Mount Sinai Hospital is the largest multi-disciplinary program of its type in Canada and allows patients to receive all of their cancer care needs on one unit. 

The sarcoma team treats patients from diagnosis, staging, to treatment, to cure or palliative care when required. The scope of services also includes close follow-up in out-patient inter-disciplinary clinics.  Patients are cared for by expert oncology nurses and the allied health-care team throughout the trajectory of their hospitalization. 

The orthopaedic trauma population consists of patients having suffered a fracture.  These patients undergo the necessary surgical treatment for their fractures, and receive professional and individualized care from the interdisciplinary team throughout recovery.

11 North

11 North is a fast-paced surgical unit providing excellent care to patients recovering from reconstructive orthopedic, ENT, oral surgery and ophthamalogy surgeries. Our passionate staff consists of highly trained and dedicated nurses who exhibit professionalism, teamwork and respect. As we strive to deliver high calibre Patient and Family-Centred Care, our staff demonstrate what excellence in nursing really is.