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Pilot study


A pilot study for a randomized controlled trial to compare trivalent split virus influenza vaccine to seasonal prophylaxis with oral oseltamivir in health-care workers and other healthy adults in a year predicted with vaccine antigen/infecting strain mismach


McGeer A, Borgundvaag B, Drews S, Gardam M, Katz J, Kwong J, Langley J, Loeb M,  Low D,  McNeil S, Moore C, Muller M, Raboud J,. Simor A, Skowronski D, Vincent L. Funded by Roche Pharmaceuticals


The objectives of this pilot proposal are to assess the feasibility of recruitment for the study; determine rates of acute respiratory illness using different criteria for acute respiratory infection; assess adherence rates to long term oseltamivir in health-care workers; and provide a preliminary assessment of the safety of prolonged oseltamivir prophylaxis in healthy adults.