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For Nursing Students at Mount Sinai Hospital

The development and education of our nursing students is a key component of the Nursing Department.  Below are some Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) that our students have asked during their clinical placements.

Additional questions will be added as we receive more student feedback and suggestions. 

When I complete my clinical placement at Mount Sinai Hospital, am I able to give feedback and provide suggestions about my experience?

Nursing student feedback is very important to us.  The comments and suggestions received from our nursing students help us make revisions to future clinical placements to ensure a meaningful experience. 

All our nursing students are asked to complete a “Student Evaluation of Clinical Placement” form at the end of their placements.  These forms are collected and analyzed by the Nursing Education and Development Department. 

You are also encouraged to give feedback about your clinical placement to your school of nursing. We work closely with your school to ensure that your clinical experience meets your learning needs.

When I am at the hospital as a student nurse, where can I change and store my personal items?

The male and female change rooms are located on the 2nd floor of the hospital.  Students may use these rooms to change. 

Your school of nursing will arrange lockers through our Human Resource (HR) office.  When you arrive for your clinical placement, please check the availability of lockers with the HR office.  There is a required $ 5.00 deposit for a locker padlock which is refunded upon return of the lock.

Your NUA and/or preceptor will assist in arranging alternate arrangements for locker space on the unit if needed.

As a nursing student, am I able to observe surgical procedures?

Our Perioperative Services team provides orientation and teaching to our students as part of a larger teaching community in Mount Sinai Hospital. At the same time patient safety and well-being remain our main priority.                          

At present, O.R. observations are available to nursing students in their pre grad year, and to medical students who are in the advanced stages of their education and when their program objectives are directly related to the O.R.  If you meet this criterion, please express your interest to your preceptor and the unit NUA. 

As well, you will be required to complete a “Student/Volunteer Application for Observation Experience” document that can be found on the hospital’s Perioperative Services intranet site, which can be accessed on any computer within Mount Sinai Hospital.

Am I able to attend courses offered to staff nurses during my clinical placement?

Mount Sinai Hospital is dedicated to helping health-care professionals expand their knowledge and skills throughout their careers. Education for nursing staff is encouraged and supported, and many programs are available to all nurses at Mount Sinai to support their discovery of new knowledge in nursing practice. 

Nursing students completing their clinical placement at the hospital are encouraged to express interest in our education programs for nursing staff.  Student participation in nursing staff education is determined by several factors, including whether the educational opportunity is directly related to the student’s goals and objectives.

Please inform your preceptor and your unit NUA of your interest and if appropriate, we will make every effort to ensure your participation.