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For New Students: Before You Arrive

If you are about to begin a Nursing clinical placement at Mount Sinai, there are a number of things that must be completed.  Your school is aware of requirements that need to be fulfilled in order for clinical placements to commence.  Please read the below information carefully and complete requested items. 

As per the Ministry of Training, Colleges and Universities, streamlined insurance coverage program for students completing unpaid placements with employers provided through the Workplace Safety and Insurance Board, Universities are required to provide a letter to Placement Employers.  Please contact your program coordinator  with any questions regarding WSIB.


Student Immunization (details)

Students and schools  are responsible for ensuring students are have up to date vaccinations and a valid Fit Test Card prior to starting placement and arrangements, and maintaining these records.

Mount Sinai has moved towards  a vaccinate or mask policy that is applicable to all staff, volunteer, and students.  Schools of Nursing have received a copy of Mount Sinai Hospital Flu Vaccination FAQ. Students  who receive their flu vaccine outside of Mounts Sinai  are required to a) carry proof of their flu vaccine status at all times OR 2) receive a MSH flu sticker from MSH Occupational Health.  Students are welcome to visit OCC Health, located at 60 Murray street, Lower Level, Room L1-028 (first floor), to receive their MSH flu vaccine sticker.

Computer Training
eLearning Courses for Students

Please note that eLearning courses for students are different than Systems Education.  To ensure that our students have the most current & relevant information to guide their practice, all nursing students with a clinical placement at MSH are required to complete several eLearning courses within the first two weeks of placements.  Students can complete these courses prior to their start date.    Please contact your program coordinator for your learning ID.

Systems Education 

As in the past, schools are responsible for setting up in-class training, except for 4th year pre-grad and consolidation students who are to arrange for their own training. 

Please call 416-586-4800, x2100 to set up a time for your students’ computer training.  The module must be completed prior to coming to the hospital.

Nursing Student Handbook

Students are required to read and understand the handbook prior to beginning their practicum. This is posted on our HSPnet Site/Destination profile, under the documents tab. 

Student Goals and Objectives

Preceptored students are expected to develop written learning goals and objectives for their placement experience to be shared with their preceptor. 


Documents Students Must Review and Sign

Confidentiality Forms

All nursing students completing a placement at Mount Sinai, must review and sign a confidentiality form.  Contact your school program coordinator for a copy of Mount Sinai Hospital Confidentiality  Agreement. 

Students with instructors:  Students must complete the confidentiality  form and return it to their clinical instructor. Instructors are to deliver completed forms in an envelope to Nursing Administration, 19-219.

Preceptored Students: Students must complete the confidentiality form and return to Nursing Administration, 19-219.

Health & Safety Checklist for Students

This checklist provides a health and safety orientation to the unit. This checklist must be completed on the student's first day on the unit. 

Completed checklists are to be returned to the Nurse Clinician or Clinical Nurse Specialist and  will be sent to Occupational Health, Wellness and Safety for record keeping.