There are a number of parking options in the vicinity of Mount Sinai Hospital, part of Sinai Health System. The map below identifies the location of several lots.

The hospital operates two parking lots on Murray Street. One, just south of our 60 Murray Building, and the other at 40 Murray Street. Both operate in accordance with the Provincial Hospital Parking Directive.

For patients and their families who anticipate multiple visits or longer stay in the hospital, multi-day parking passes are available at a reduced rate.  Please note, however, that these passes are dependent on the availability of space in the lot. Should the lot be full, the hospital may not be able to accommodate your pass during that specific visit. The passes are valid for one year after purchase so you may be able to use it another visit or give your pass to someone else.

Multi-day passes:

  • Purchase the pass directly from the attendant on duty in the lot
  • Parking spots are subject to availability
  • Passes are valid for one calendar year from date of purchase
  • Passes are transferrable to other
  • In and out privileges are permitted
  • Valid for consecutive and non-consecutive days
  • Passes are non-refundable
  • Lost parking passes cannot be replaced.

Please note that revenue from parking at Sinai Health System parking lots contributes directly to enhancing care for our patients and their families, and advancing our research endeavours.

Parking Details for 60 Murray Street parking lot

Parking Fees

Days Time Price
Monday - Saturday Every 20 mins or less $4.50
Monday - Saturday Daily Maximum $22.00
Evening After 7:00 pm $6.00
Sunday/Holidays Flat Rate $6.00

Parking Details for 40 Murray Street parking lot

Parking Fees

Days Time Price
Monday - Friday Each 1/2 hour or less $5.00
Monday - Friday Daily Maximum $20.00
Monday - Friday Early bird: In time 5:00 am - 7:30 am, out by 7:59 pm $13.00
Evening After 6:00 pm $6.00
Saturday/Sunday/Holidays Flat Rate $6.00

Parking Passes

5-day Pass $65.00
10-day Pass $130.00
30-day Pass $390.00

Other parking lots in the neighborhood:

Feedback regarding parking can be provided by e-mailing us at