Ongoing breastfeeding support is available to you every day on the postpartum unit. Your primary nurse has been trained to offer up to date, skilled breastfeeding support.  A Lactation Consultant hosts a breastfeeding class twice daily, on the postpartum unit, which you and your support person are welcome to attend.

You will be provided with:

  • tips for success in the early days of breastfeeding
  • ideas for solving some common breastfeeding problems
  • answers to your breastfeeding questions


If there are more complex breastfeeding issues your nurse will refer you for a private consult with the Lactation Specialist. 

If you choose to formula feed your infant, the staff are also happy to help inform and prepare you for your transition home with feeding guidelines and how to prepare formula.

Evidence for Breastmilk feeding:


Breastfeeding tips

Latching at the breast is the natural progression of skin-to-skin if you give your infant time and allow it to happen in the early period after the birth.  When your baby is held skin-to-skin, latching is made easier for both of you. Initiating a latch at this time is a great start to breastfeeding, and will assist in helping your baby learn.   

Watch the “Baby Led Latching” video to learn the basics about positioning and latching your baby to breastfeed.

Hand Expression

If you are separated from your infant, and you plan to breastfeed, we encourage early hand expression of breastmilk. The research tells us that hand expression should begin within 1 hour of the birth and continue regularly, every 3 hours or so, for the first 24 hours and followed by regular breastpumping.  Your expressed breastmilk will be stored and given to your infant when they are ready to begin feeds.

Hand expression is encouraged at one hour after birth.  Your expressed breast milk offers many important benefits and is especially important if your baby is born prematurely. Ask your labour and delivery and Postpartum nurse to help you with either hand expression or use of the electric pump.

Read more about hand expression.  

If your baby is in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU), a Lactation consultant will be available to give you information and support in this very important aspect of your infants’ care. Your nurses will assist you in learning the technique of hand expression.