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Having a Baby at Mount Sinai

Every year, close to 6,500 babies start their lives at Mount Sinai, one of the top women’s health-care centres in the world.

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We have a full range of services under one roof for our expectant mothers — from general obstetrics and gynaecology to prenatal screening and maternal and infant health.

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Prenatal Courses

Our Prenatal Education Program is pleased to offer a number of new classes and services, all provided by experienced health-care professionals, including Preparing for Parenting Together, Feeding Your Baby and Infant Massage. In addition, we offer:

  • our Infant/Child CPR, open to the general public, which covers skills needed to prevent, recognize and manage choking and cardiac emergencies for infants and children;

  • the popular Prenatal Series, open to pregnant women and their families in the community, which covers labour and delivery, breastfeeding, family concerns and more;
  • Preparing for Multiples Class Series, open to pregnant women and their families in the community, which is designed to meet the special needs of parents expecting a multiple birth;

  • Meet the Anesthesiologist night, providing information on labour and delivery and post-partum pain management options;

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Programs and Services

We also offer programs and services to support expectant mothers in many areas:

  • The Breastfeeding Centre offers consultation and classes for inpatients.  We also offer a regular prenatal breastfeeding classes.
  • The Insception Cord Blood Banking Program at Mount Sinai provides patients and their families with information on cord blood banking services.
  • Our Prenatal Diagnosis and Medical Genetics Program provides genetic testing and prenatal screening and diagnosis, along with a discussion of the benefits and limitations of these tests.
  • Non-invasive Prenatal Testing (NIPT) is currently being offered at Mount Sinai Hospital. For more information on NIPT, please refer to the Prenatal Diagnosis & Medical Genetics Program
  • Our Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU) is one of the largest in Canada, offering specialized
    care to high-risk and critically ill babies. It is one of only two units in Toronto providing care and management of the fetus and newborn infant before, during and after delivery.
  • The Special Pregnancy Program (SPP) investigates and manages the full range of maternal, fetal and placental difficulties that may occur during pregnancy.
  • The Perinatal Mental Health serves women who develop depression during pregnancy or in their first year after childbirth, helping those who feel significantly distressed and unable to cope.
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