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What to do if you're in labour

If you think you are in labour, if your water breaks or if you have any concerns, please contact your health care provider or call the labour triage phone line at 416-586-4800 ext. 3210.

Most women will come to the hospital when they are in active labour (regular contractions every 5 minutes or closer for at least 2 hours) or when their water breaks. To find out more about how you will know if you are in labour, you should speak with your health care provider.

Labour Decision Tree

Download the helpful Labour Decision Tree chart

When You Arrive

When you arrive at the hospital, go directly to Labour and Delivery Triage:

  • Proceed to 15 th floor using the University Ave elevators (no access via Murray St. elevators).
  • Exit the elevators and turn into the hallway to the right of the registration area.
  • Check in at the main desk of Triage, which is the first door to your right in that hallway. Your registration will be managed during your assessment in Triage.


Once in Triage, you will be met by one of our Triage nurses. You will be asked questions about your labour, general health and medical history. The nurse will also check your vital signs  and contractions and listen to the baby’s heart rate, which will be done on a regular basis throughout your labour. While in Triage, a resident or medical student will do a quick history and physical to determine whether you are ready for admission to the labour floor. You will be transferred to a labour/birthing room once you are in established active labour. If you are in early labour, you may be asked to go home for a time. If you live far away from the hospital, you may be able to stay in the early labour lounge on the 15th floor,  located directly across from Triage.


Booked Induction or Caesarean Birth

If you are coming to the hospital for a booked induction or booked caesarean birth:

  • Check in with Patient Registration in Admitting on the main floor.

In both cases, ensure you have your OHIP card and a credit card for charges that are not covered by OHIP or your private insurance plan.

Do not go to the emergency department unless the pregnancy is less than 18 weeks.