General Health Resources

Health links to some of the best general health resources on the Web

Canadian Flag  Ontario Ministry of Health Promotion
This site is an excellent resource for information on nutrition, fitness, health assessment, and medical conditions.

Canadian Flag  Public Health Agency of Canada
The Public Health Agency provides English and French-Canadian Web-based resources that promote healthy living through disease and injury prevention, healthy eating and active living.

Mayo Clinic
Consumers may access original-content consumer health information via "Diseases and Conditions", "Symptoms", "Tests and Procedures" or "Healthy Living."  Check the Fitness site under Healthy Living for information on exercise and strength training featuring the "How-to-Video Collection."

This version of Medline is designed for members of the general public to use. It provides links to information on the diagnosis and treatment of a large number of diseases and conditions. This site was recently updated in June 2010.

Merck Manual of Medical Information - Home Edition
The 287 chapters and 5 appendices of the Merck Manual of Medical Information-Home Edition provides scientifically based health information for the consumer.

UpToDate Patient Information
UpToDate is a subscription-based clinical information resource that is often used by physicians, nurses and allied health professionals. 

It now provides information written especially for patients and their families.  These articles are written by physicians who are experts in their fields and are updated continually based on new medical findings. 

UpToDate is also making excerpts from its physician information available.  These professional articles provide a detailed discussion of medical research and current expert recommendations, and contains links to summaries of important medical studies.


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