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Medical Topics A-Z List
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American Headache Society (ACHE)
Extensive headache information including how headaches differ, headache triggers, pain relievers, headaches in children. Headache articles online database. Glossary of headache terms. Provides patient education materials, web links and media links.


National Headache Foundation
The NHF website discusses a broad range of headache symptoms, medications and treatments in an effort to inform and educate visitors. Back issues of the newsletter "NHF Head Lines" available online.


Hearing Loss

-see Ear/Nose/Throat

Heart/ Heart Disease

American Heart Association
A leading website in the areas of heart disease and stroke. The American Heart Association provides a wealth of consumer-health information through its encyclopedic "Heart and Stroke A-Z Guide." Additional information is provided in sections covering "Warning Signs", "Family Health", and "Risk Awareness."

Canadian Flag Canadian Heart & Stroke Association
This is the place to find information about heart disease and stroke in Canada. There are interactive tools help you assess your blood pressure or measure your stress levels, as well as information about the Foundation's ongoing research projects.

Health Central - MyHeartCentral
For information about heart disease and its treatment refer to the Library. This site also offers answers to FAQs, a link to PubMed, patient guides, and a dictionary of medical terms.

Internet Stroke Center
Information about stroke for patients, family members, caregivers and professionals. Provides illustrations of the brain and its blood vessels and how they are affected by stroke. This website is a non-profit, educational service of the Washington University Medical Center and the Washington University School of Medicine.



Canadian Flag  Canadian Hemophilia Society
The purpose of this website is to inform the hemophilia and bleeding disorders community and the general public.



Canadian Flag  Hepatitis C Prevention, Support, & Research Program
The HCPSRP is an initiative of the Canadian Public Health Association, and replaces the Canadian Hepatitis C Information Centre. The long term goal of the program is to improve population health.  The Resource Library contains material on the facts and statistics of hepatitis C, the health risks, and  management of the disease.

HepNet - The Hepatitis Information Network

Information for health-care professionals and consumers. Covers the various types of hepatitis.


Hip & Knee Surgery

- see Bones/ Joints / Muscle Disorders

Hormone Replacement Therapy (HRT)

- see Women's Health

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