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Clinic Offers New Moms and Babies Continuum of Care

For a new mom, leaving the hospital with her baby after a short stay often means she needs to find health-care resources in her community quickly.

Now, an innovative clinic at Mount Sinai Hospital is bridging that gap for families.

Dr. Yenge Diambomba
Dr. Yenge Diambomba stands in the Post Natal Ambulatory Clinic, which offers moms and babies at Mount Sinai a continuum of care.

The Post Natal Ambulatory Clinic (PNAC) located on the 7th level offers moms, who’ve just given birth at the Hospital, access to a Mount Sinai paediatrician.

This paediatric service focuses on providing immediate care to babies who have been recently discharged from the nursery. The clinic also offers services to moms, such as a Breastfeeding Centre, and provides paediatric support to the Centre for babies up to three months of age.

“In these days, when new parents often do not come from huge families and do not have as much experience with newborns, this service is important,” said Dr. Yenge Diambomba, the Clinical Director of Nurseries and a Neonatologist.

“Since the clinic is opened seven days a week, it ensures that newborn babies can be assessed when their community physician is not available.”

While the program began as a pilot project in 2008, it has morphed into a fully-functioning clinic with a paediatrician on hand every day.

With families leaving hospitals earlier and earlier after childbirth, the clinic offers new parents the chance to bring the baby back to Mount Sinai for what Dr. Diambomba calls a true “continuum of care”.

This is especially important for near term babies. While the baby may be big enough to go home, he or she could have preterm issues that would appear after discharge, she said. 

“It allows us to make sure the baby is still going to get coverage,” said Dr. Diambomba, adding concerns about a new baby may vary from weight loss to dehydration or jaundice.

Often times, the parents are also familiar with the physician in the clinic as it is the same doctor who covers the level 1 nursery, which makes it easier on a new family.

“We’re trying to simplify any concerns for moms and babies. ‘Come back here. We’ll take care of you,’” said Dr. Diambomba.