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Becoming a Volunteer at Mount Sinai Hospital

Volunteering is a great way to help Mount Sinai Hospital deliver care. With over 125 programs, we are sure to have activities that suit your needs and skills.

Before exploring this exciting opportunity to help our Hospital, please review the basic guidelines and expectations listed below.

  • Age
    Our volunteers must be 16 years of age, or older. We have very limited evening and weekend positions, and so it is difficult to accommodate high school students during the academic year. Please apply for our summer program.

  • Time
    Volunteers are required to contribute at least one half-day (4 hours) per week to their volunteer placement (see separate summer requirements.) We require a minimum 6-month commitment but prefer students to be with us for an academic year.
    *Please note: There is limited availability in the evening and on weekends.
  • Health Screening
    All volunteers are required to complete a medical declaration stating that they are free of communicable disease, for the protection of our patients as well as for themselves. At the time of acceptance, we will give you a medical form to take to your physician to complete. We will need to know your immune status for Chicken Pox, Tuberculosis and other common communicable diseases. Vaccinations may be necessary.
  • Uniform
    All volunteers will wear a volunteer uniform while on duty. Your uniforms are purchased at the cost of $25. Your photo identification is taken by our security department. 
  • Students
    We have a very large program for University and Cooperative Education High School students. Because of the nature of our programs and the screening involved, we are sorry that we cannot accommodate the 40 hour Community Service requirement of the Ministry of Education.
  • Clinical Professionals 

We see many applicants who have received clinical training both in Canada  and  abroad. While  we are pleased to accept these applications Volunteers cannot perform duties that are outside of the regular non-clinical volunteer roles. 

  • Regulated professions

Volunteers are not permitted to perform the functions of a regulated professional, including but not limited to Physiotherapy, Phlebotomy, Medical Lab Technician, etc.

Summer Student Program

During the summer, University and High School students have an opportunity to volunteer throughout the Hospital. Students are required to spend one to two full days per week in the placement, for the entire duration of the summer. You are, of course, welcome to stay on during the academic year.  More Information

How to apply...


We are currently accepting applications for our Summer program. The deadline for applying will likely be at the end of spring break.    We consider applications in the order in which they are received, and if we are filled before this time we will place you on a waiting list. Please see the "Volunteer Opportunities" section for more details.

If you meet the basic requirements, take the first step toward becoming a volunteer.

Please download and complete the Application Package (Application and Reference Form). Complete the Application and have the Reference Form completed by someone who is not a family member or a friend. 

We also require a current resume. Feel free to add a cover letter outlining your interests and anything else you would like us to know. 

If you will be in the Toronto area, we encourage you to come in-person to the Volunteer Services department, room 204 at Mount Sinai Hospital.  At that time, you can expect to talk briefly about your skills, experience, and how you'd like to help the Hospital. We can also answer any program-specific questions you might have.  You can also return these documents together to us at .

Once accepted as a volunteer, you will be invited to attend a mandatory 3-hour orientation session where we will review hospital policies, procedures, and information of interest to volunteers.  Your placement-specific training will occur after. 

Successful applicants will complete our medical form prior to the start of volunteering. This includes immunization status and completion of a two-step Tuberculosis (TB) test. This must be completed by your family physician.

All volunteers need to be committed to caring for our patients.  Your role, whether directly involved with our patients or not, is to support hospital staff to enhance the comfort and care of all of our patients.

If you have specific program interests or require more information, please don't hesitate to contact us .