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Information for Patients

How to address Your Questions or Concerns

Inpatients are encouraged to discuss their questions and concerns with a member of their healthcare team (i.e., Primary Nurse, Nursing Unit Administrator, Treating Physician or Department Manager).  Inpatients may contact Patient Relations after speaking to the health-care team/leadership staff and treating physician about their care concerns, if further assistance is required.

When should you contact Patient Relations?

  • When you have a compliment for staff
  • When you need help communicating with your health-care team
  • When you would like further follow-up or did not feel satisfied after expressing your concern to your health-care team
  • When you have concerns about services or interactions with staff
  • When you would like to share your ideas or suggestions
  • When you would like to talk about your experience privately

What can Patient Relations do to assist?

  • Provide a confidential place for patients and families to discuss care experiences
  • Obtain the details of patient safety concern and work with the Risk and Quality departments to address patient safety concern
  • Work with the Unit/Department Manager and Physician to address and resolve concerns effectively
  • Receive compliments, concerns, comments, or suggestions about your care experience and forward them to the appropriate leadership for follow-up and resolution
  • Help improve communication among staff,  the health-care team and patients and families
  • Identify trends in concerns to help facilitate improvement
  • Identify potential risk management issues and alert Risk Management 

How will Patient Relations work with you?

  • Step 1: We receive your message and acknowledge receipt within 1-2 business days.
  • Step 2: We listen to you to understand your feedback, explain the process and discuss next steps, which include sharing your feedback for review and follow-up.
  • Step 3: We begin the follow-up by communicating your feedback to the appropriate leadership/physician who will review your records/follow-up with staff to better understand what happened.
  • Step 4 :We work with you and/or the leadership/physician of those involved in your care experience to ensure that your feedback is addressed and resolved.


If you are unsatisfied with the resolution, Patient Relations can assist you by escalating any further concerns to the appropriate Senior Leadership.