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About Sinai Lightning

Sinai Lightning Womens Crew 2009Sinai Lightning was first formed in 1992 by a group of hospital staff and their friends who came together to join the growing ranks of avid dragon boaters. 

Since then, the team has worked very hard and has been very successful, winning a total of 10+ Hospital Cup Championships and many Mixed Community Championships.

The team plays many important roles for the hospital.  We are in some ways the most visible ambassadors for MSH, and the team takes this responsibility very seriously.  In all our travels and at all our regattas, our reputation precedes us and we are proud to represent a World-Class health centre, Toronto, and Canada.

The Mount Sinai Hospital Foundation proudly supports us as a retention and recruitment strategy.  Since the team is primarily composed of hospital employees and their partners (and some of the original members who are friends of the hospital), we are proud that the team represents the hospital's encouragement of health, fitness, participation, and work-life balance.

This year, Sinai Lightning will be comprised of one mixed crew.  The mixed crew is a fun and competitive team, which will require 2 practices per week in high season.  We are considering having an all women's crew as well, if there is enough interest.

We hold practices 2 times per week to accomodate as many people as possible, given various shifts for hosptial staff.  Our most dedicated paddlers make the trip to Sunnyside twice a week, but we understand that work/life can get busy and that you may not be able to make all practices. All paddlers, however, should try to attend as many practices as possible in order to best prepare for our races.

Our coach, Sam Roworth, brings a solid guiding hand to the crew.  In addition to water practices, the team is strongly encouraged to take part in a regular dry land training routine on their own. The objective of this dry land workout is to strengthen our individual core strength, back, arms and to work on conditioning.  Exercises will specifically enhance your paddling ability as we want to avoid injury. For all paddlers, especially rookies, it is highly recommended that you attend the earlier practices as the coach will be going over the basics. 

TIDBRF2010-AwardBeginning in April, Sinai Lightning bundles up and begins the on-water training component down at Ash Bridges Bay.  For eight weeks, the team practices two times per week until the Toronto Island races.  We usually participate in one "warm-up" race before the Island races in Milton.

The membership fees for Sinai Lightning's upcoming season will be announced shortly. These fees are in line with, or much less than, most other dragon boat teams. We are still getting incredible value for our money.

All the events and regattas we participate in play a significant role in raising awareness and funds for a broad range of charities including Breast Cancer Research, Heart Health and Big Brothers & Big Sister's of Canada.

All members of the team have a significant responsibility for fund-raising, since our training and activities require a significant investment.  In that light, the team holds a series of annual fund-raising events, such as the Row-a-thon, our Raffle, and our Silent Auction. We regularly hold lunch hour blitzes in the main lobby of the hospital to sell items, and to keep the team's presence strong in the hospital.

We hope that the hospital is as proud of our team as we are of representing the hospital.  We shall continue to do our best to perform at the top of abilities, and to have a tremendously good time while we're at it.  Please seriously consider joining our team, and if that is not possible, we can never have too many supporters making noise from the bleachers!


Sinai Lightning Steering Committee