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Heather MoyseHeather Moyse, BsC, MScOT
2010 Olympic Gold Medalist, Bobsleigh
National Senior Women’s Rugby Team

"The treatment that I’ve received from Dr. Prebeg and the Team at the Rehab and Wellbeing Centre has been outstanding. Unfortunately, I’ve had my share of injuries. But fortunately, this team has enabled me to continue to train and compete at the elite level, doing what I love. I definitely recommend this Centre to anyone in need of treatment.”



Brayden IrwinBrayden Irwin, Professional Hockey Player



"For the last 5 years I have been experiencing knee pain, tried different therapies with no relief until I was referred by our team physician to Dr. Copeland and his team of practitioners at Rehab and Wellbeing.  Finally after years of limited relief I have turned the corner and able to jump on the ice for longer periods of time without pain."


"Thank you to both you and your team for all your help and support."




Edward HoughtonEdward Houghton, Holy Cross Crusaders

 "Dr. Prebeg has had a major impact on my football career. Whether it be chronic back pain, or a broken leg or ankle, he has consistently allowed me to bounce back to 110%. He has also played a huge role in improving my flexibility and overall athleticism. If you are tired of the same old nagging injuries and want to reach your full athletic potential; I would recommend you go see Dr. Mike."




Leanne Verscheure

Leanne Verscheure BScN, MEd - Clinical Nurse Specialist
2011 Gold medalist – International Dragon Boat Federation World Championships in Tampa.
Canadian National Senior Women Dragon boat team, Hungary 2013

Ever since having my children I’ve struggled with rotator cuff injuries… some call it “Minivan-it is”. I think it came from taxing my shoulder while in an outstretched position. Years of working in a physical job such as nursing have probably contributed to my shoulder injuries. Being a dragon boat paddler for many years, these injuries also limited my success with paddling.

Dr. Cepo helped me to heal, re-build and develop muscles to a level of function I never knew possible. He has been very attentive in helping me to address problems and work toward achieving my goals in international competition. I recommend him to high-performance athletes and also people with lifestyle and work-related injuries. He is very effective no matter the reason for injury.