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Mount Sinai is a good place to work!

October 26, 2006 -- Earlier this summer, employees and physicians participated in the Your Opinion Counts! Employee Satisfaction Survey. The results, which were recently tabulated, analyzed and announced to staff, showed that employees are now feeling better than they were a few years back. The consensus is: Mount Sinai is a good place to work!

About 40% of employees (large enough to be considered a representative sample of all employees and physicians at MSH) took the time to respond about where the hospital was doing well and where the work environment could improve.

In all the key survey areas – communications, respect, recognition, teamwork, learning environment, work practice and physical environment and safety  –  responses suggested more were satisfied than when the survey was last conducted in 2004.

In fact, when asked to rate Mount Sinai Hospital as a place of employment, employees scored the hospital positively at 87.6%, up from 83% in the 2004 Employee Satisfaction Survey, and higher than the 71.7% rating other hospitals received from their own employees this year.  These ratings are all statistically significant.

Our physicians’ satisfaction rating remained positive at 87.4%, virtually unchanged from 2004, but significantly higher than the 63.7% average physician satisfaction rating at other hospitals.

Not only did MSH’s overall approval rating for employees improve, but across the board, in almost every sub-category, our ratings increased positively from 2004 and beat the 2006 hospital industry standard.