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Mount Sinai Hospital Hosts Young Mothers Symposium

Yes You Can: Helping Young Mothers Challenge, Chart and Celebrate their Choices

October 8, 2010 — Mount Sinai Hospital is today hosting a free one-day symposium for more than 50 at-risk, disadvantaged, marginalized, culturally and ethnically diverse young single mothers. The event will introduce them to positive role models who have achieved success in balancing the demands of motherhood with work and education. They will also be connecting with community services that are available to support them in realizing their goals and dreams.

“At Mount Sinai, we are proud of the reputation we have built for excellence in maternal and infant care, and I believe that initiatives like the Young Mothers Symposium highlight our commitment,” said Mr. Joseph Mapa, President and CEO, Mount Sinai Hospital. “We see our role extending past childbirth and into counselling and mentorship that can clearly make a difference and contribute to the future success of these young families.”

"Supporting children and families in the early years is a key commitment of our government," said Laurel Broten, Minister of Children and Youth Services. "We recognize that when we help give kids the best possible start in life the payoffs last a lifetime."

The Young Mothers Symposium is the brainchild of participants in Mount Sinai’s Young Mothers Prenatal Group who recognized they could play a role in supporting other young mothers by sharing their individual stories as inspiration. The Young Mothers Prenatal Group is the only program of its kind in Ontario and provides support to some 100 young mothers each year.

“The Young Mothers Program helped prepare me for delivery and motherhood, as well as answered my questions and provided me with ongoing support and resources,” said Donna Grant, a Young Mothers Prenatal Group graduate. “I am really excited to be speaking with other young mothers about living your dreams and attaining your goals.”

In the afternoon symposium participants will hear from an educational counsellor, a nurse from the Healthy Babies, Health Children Program, a facilitator from WRAP Around Services, a housing outreach worker and an instructor on self-care.

“We know that the social and economic conditions that these young women live with go a long way to determining their health in the future,” said Aviva Sokolsky, Social Worker for the Mount Sinai Young Mothers Program. “By bringing them together with services in the community we can give them and their child the best possible start in their new life.”

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