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Grateful Patient Gives Away 500 Free Coffees to Thank Staff

July 31, 2013
Generosity was in full force yesterday as the first 500 people to visit Tim Hortons at Mount Sinai Hospital received a free coffee, all thanks to a grateful patient. Her spirit of giving was contagious with another former patient making his way down to the Hospital to donate 133 free coffees later in the day following widespread media attention.
 “A young couple walked into the cafeteria on Monday afternoon, expecting their first child, and they were so impressed with the patient care they received here that they wanted to buy coffee for 500 customers. They didn’t want their names to be used and instead wanted to encourage people to pay it forward. In 23 years of working at Mount Sinai I’ve never seen anything like this,” said Rob Reale, Supervisor of Tim Hortons and Five Star Catering at Mount Sinai Hospital. 
Staff, patients and visitors lined up yesterday morning for usual cup of coffee, double-doubles being the most popular order, and left with a smile on their face because of this generous gift. This thank-you came on the same day that the Mount Sinai Hospital Foundation received three donations from grateful patients. 
“This is a great example of patients giving back, and that happens every day at Mount Sinai. Every week we have people who make a decision to pay it forward, to make a philanthropic gift to the hospital, to help us provide better care and better equipment,” said Kevin Goldthorp, President of the Mount Sinai Hospital Foundation and Executive Vice-President, Advancement at Mount Sinai Hospital.