Managing Fatigue

Fatigue is the most common symptom experienced by people with cancer and, for many people, it’s the most difficult part of the cancer journey. Cancer-related fatigue is different to tiredness you experienced before you had cancer. It doesn’t go away after a rest and may get worse (or better) daily for no obvious reason. It is caused by the ‘perfect storm’ of factors that come together in cancer: the cancer itself, side effects of medications, emotional distress, lack of exercise, poor eating, nausea and vomiting, pain, anemia and others. You don’t need to face your fatigue alone. Speak with your health care team for support and resources.

The experts at Cancer Care Ontario have created a guide for people who have cancer-related fatigue. It can be used by patients, their family, friends or caregivers as a good starting place to learn more. It does not replace advice from your health care team.

How to Manage Your Fatigue

A patient guide from Cancer Care Ontario